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Our Approach.

"Learn to be an analyst before a trader"
This is a core philosophy, a mantra, a motto we instill in all of our students. We have to have respect for the market and spend considerable time mastering the science behind this skill set.

As a dental school student, I didn’t perform my first procedures without having done years of training. This is the same respect we should give to the markets.

If we can understand price and true market movements, the jump to being successful will not be so daunting. Remember we’re in an industry where the odds are stacked against us, therefore we act accordingly to prepare ourselves better for success.

Here's What Our Students Say About Us

For anyone who's intrested In analysing...
"For anyone who's intrested In analysing the financial market, WWA will change you're perspective and will teach you things that you never though of."

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Completely Changed My Skills
"Waqar completely changed my skills for the better. I worked with several other mentors before him, but they were not even close to his level of understanding."

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They made 1:10 RR and above look like the norm
Waqar, Waly and Alex broke the charts down and explain their strategy and I can hand on heart say this was the best education I have received in 4 days. They made 1:10 RR and above look like the norm when previous a 1:3RR for me was the goal.
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